Crack in the Ground is a fissure that formed between cooling lava flows about 1100 years ago. The fissure is about 2 miles long and 70 feet deep. The length of the fissure can be hiked as there is an established trail along the fissure's bottom. Normally, fissures like this one are filled in with soil and rock by the processes of erosion and sedimentation, but because Crack in the Ground is located in such an arid region, barely any filling has occurred. As a result, Crack in the Ground exists today nearly as it did shortly after its formation.

To get to Crack In The Ground there is a turn off about two miles East of Christmas Valley, then about 6 or 7 miles of cinder road to the parking area at the site. When you get there it is easy to cool off as the bottom of the crack can be as much as twenty degrees below the surface temperature.