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Tracy Tracy Fawns

I work as an registered nurse and college instructor in Coos Bay, Oregon. I have been enjoying photography for about 5 years, and started getting more serious about it about 2 years ago. More than selling my photos, I enjoy sharing images from sights around Oregon. One of the greatest compliments I can receive is when someone tells me that they got outside to enjoy a hike or waterfall that they hadn't known about until they saw my photo. I even had a gentleman from Florida plan his entire vacation around some of the places of which I had shared photos. I also had a friend share with me that my photos had inspired her to start hiking more to visit some of the waterfalls and had lost 30 pounds in doing so!

My visit to Fort Rock was a bit of an impromptu excursion. While it was on the agenda to visit, my friend and I had no idea that there was a homestead to visit. After spending an entire day and night at Crater Lake, we found ourselves traveling at 2 o'clock in the morning to find a place to sleep. We drove to Fort Rock State Park, car camped near the cemetery, and then stumbled upon the homestead the next morning. The volunteers were kind enough to let us in before they had even opened. Five and a half hours later, we had photographed nearly every nook and cranny within the homestead. I happily filled up a memory card and drained a camera battery just at this one visit. It was an amazing experience!

I used my Canon 5D Mark II to capture the Fort Rock images, alternating between my 100mm macro lens and my 17-40mm wide angle lens.



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